Meet Meghan & Carisa


My name is Meghan Von Behren, and I am a co-owner of The Funky Zebras Boutique Coralville.

I’ve always wanted a life with less havoc, and more calm and simplicity.  Although life isn’t so calm right now, as I am a full time Loan Officer, and Varsity softball coach, AND own this boutique (as well as one in Okoboji, Iowa!), I LOVE every minute of getting to know, serving, and building new relationships with the customers of The Funky Zebras in the community of Coralville and beyond!

I am a Jesus lover, and have been married to my husband whom I met at Simpson College, for 15 years. We have three children- two daughters (9.5 & 7 years old), and a 5.5 year old son.  We live out in the country in rural Iowa with a Husky and two cows!  We love the cornfields around us and the beautiful sunsets.  I love chocolate (especially chocolate salted caramels from Kum & Go or Casey’s!), Mt. Dew, Taco John’s (not Taco Bell…it’s the oles), white mochas, and chocolate chip cookies!  : )

At The Funky Zebras Boutique Coralville, we strive to pick products of top-notch quality, variety, uniqueness, comfortability, and affordability. We are always striving to meet your needs and desires, so please let us know if you are looking for anything in particular.


I am a wife, mom of two teens & a nine-year-old, as well as a part-time middle school teacher. (Livin’ the crazy life!) My love of fashion began on Saturday shopping trips with my mom to our local mall, where I copied her look as a little girl. I loved following the trends, but also being a just little bit different! The entrepreneurship bug hit me hard about 20 years ago when I started teaching a course to elementary-aged children, and I grew a strong desire to go into business for myself. When I learned about The Funky Zebras Boutique from a friend, my love for fashion, business, and helping others all fell into place! My girls and I love helping you find that perfect something (or somethings!)

We look forward to serving you at The Funky Zebras Boutique Coralville.